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Music Video Review: Patoranking Ft Davido “Confirm”

Music Video Review: Patoranking Ft Davido “Confirm”

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Posted - 18-05-2019

Just at a time when it all seems that the initial waves in the music industry are beginning to wane down; Award winning dance hall act and foremost Nigerian superstar combine in this video to produce a master class banger that will definitely “burst” our heads. The song “Confirm” is off Patoranking yet to be released album titled “Wilmer”. If this is a tip of the iceberg, then we can be assured the album “Wilmer” would be a huge hit. Patoranking has been away from the music scene for a while now, obviously – he was working on his upcoming album; and his comeback is definitely what we expect from the Amari Musiq/Empire artiste.

Davido-Patoranking-933x720.jpg (933×720)

After several weeks of promotion for the music video “Confirm”, Patoranking finally releases the much anticipated appealing visuals to the song “Confirm”. What better way can one announce his entry back into the music scene if not through an unsurprising collaboration with one of Africa’s finest musician, Davido. The music video production credit goes to the South Africa based Zimbabwean music producer, Mr Kamera, who did an amazing job to the visuals of the song.

patoranking-ft-davido-confirm-video-seekhypeng.jpg (1280×720)

The song, “Confirm” talks about “rain of money”, which is a usual subject artistes dwell on; even if one begins to wonder the importance of the “now” boring theme at a time like this. For those who might anticipate that the song would address emerging issues facing the home country of the artistes who co-starred in the music video, they would be vindicated if they feel disappointed with the “now boring” subject Patoranking dwelt on. It is only normal if we ask for a bit of creativity.

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Nevertheless, we must give the producer credit, for the visuals. The stylistic shifts and the video effects added much colour to the video. The locations used in the video were absolutely fascinating. The choice of wears were unique and it won’t be surprising to see the clothing styles trending in the nearest weeks. Patoranking and Davido are definitely emblems of attractive dressings and they both lived up to expectation with what they wore. We are however used to Davido’s use of “blings blings”; Patoranking gave him a match in the music video.

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The lyrics of the song were simple and easy to sing along, especially if played in clubs with ‘scaring’ speakers. Patoranking was in his usual energetic mode and he sounded stronger or more vocally confident, if we must say. He must have been up to something, not surprising though. Davido, on his part showed his expertise with much finesse as he did his part in the song. About halfway through, Davido got in the dancing mode and we can’t but wow at his energy as he danced and sang along. Whoever gave Patoranking the idea of collaborating with Davido on this song deserves applause. It was simply putting a round peg in a round hole; maybe another artiste would have struggled in Davido’s role.

Confirm-Video-Okay-Nigeria.jpg (1280×720)

As much as there are beautiful things to say about the music video, Patoranking could have done more about the lyrics. A little twist and creativity would have made the song simply exceptional but it is doubtful if the song can match up with Patoranking previous hit songs. We expect more in his soon to be released album and a quick seize of the music scene. But for the collaboration, Patoranking and Davido might be up for an award; even if it’s just for the energy shown. If Patoranking would take up this chance is left for us to ponder in the next coming weeks until the album is released.

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