Alleged sex trafficker of minors Ghislaine Maxwell with British royal Andrew "randy Andy" at a social function

The socialite alleged pimp Ghislaine Maxwell is arrested

Ghislaine Maxwell, the former girlfriend of convicted sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein and alleged madam who is accused of grooming underage girls for him, will be transferred from New Hampshire to New York to face child sex trafficking charges.

Maxwell was taken into custody in Bradford, a small town in New Hampshire, on Thursday the 2 July 2020 by FBI agents. 

Reuters reports that Maxwell bought the 156-acre property for all cash, using an LLC to hide her identity, in December. Agents ‘moved in’ this morning. No other circumstances surrounding her arrest are known.

In a videolink court appearance on Thursday afternoon, her attorneys agreed to have the case moved to the Southern District of New York – where she is being charged.

Prosecutors asked the judge to deny her bail, saying she is a flight risk with an international network of friends and access to unlimited resources.

She has been held for now without bail and is likely to appear in court in New York City either tomorrow or on Monday.

It’s unclear where she will now be detained before her next court appearance but the judge said she would be ‘temporarily’ placed in custody.

A grand jury returned a sealed, six-count indictment against her on June 29, almost a year after Epstein was charged.

It accuses her of enticing underage girls to travel for sex, actually having sex with them and Epstein and later lying about it under oath in depositions when she was being sued by Virginia Giuffre Roberts, one of Epstein’s accusers who says she had sex with Prince Andrew when she was 17.

Alleged madam Ghislaine Maxwell with some of her rich and powerful friends

Who is Ghislaine Maxwell?

  • Born 25th December 1961, Ghislaine Noelle Marion grew up at Headington Hill Hall, an Italianate mansion above Oxford and the HQ of Pergamon Press, the publishing house run by her father, Robert Maxwell, the Jewish refugee from the Carpathian mountains who became a left-of-centre newspaper magnate, and briefly MP for Buckingham. She is the youngest of Betty Maxwell’s surviving seven children: ranging above her are Anne, Philip, twin sisters Christine and Isabel, and her more famous brothers, Ian and Kevin, who once worked closely with his father at Maxwell Communication Corporation.
  • In New York in her 20s she set up a corporate gifts business and appeared in gossip columns.
  • Life changed forever on 5 November 1991, when her 68 year old father fell, or was pushed, from his yacht and was later found dead off the Canary Islands.
  •  With a London mews home near Harrods, when in Manhattan her circle included socialites and VIPs such as Bill Clinton, Elon Musk and the British Royals. 
  • As the net closes on Epstein, following allegations that he trafficked and abused underage girls,, Ghislaine recedes from view. Having returned to an early love of the sea to run TerraMar, a now defunct environmental organisation, she drops out of the charity party circuit from 2016 after being accused of procuring girls. Epstein is found dead in prison on 10 August 2019, presumed to have killed himself while awaiting trial.
  • After living with a younger boyfriend, Scott Borgerson, boss of shipping tech firm Cargometrics, in a seaside mansion near Boston, Maxwell is missing. There are dubious sightings claimed around the globe as  British royal Andrew attempts to explain his relationships with her and with Epstein. She is in fact living in a four-bedroom mountain top hideaway, in Bradford, New Hampshire.

Sealed indictment

Audrey Strauss, Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York, gestures on Thursday as she speaks during a news conference to announce charges against Maxwell for her alleged role in the sexual exploitation and abuse of multiple minor girls by Epstein

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