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Africa Records First Confirmed Case of Coronavirus

Health workers in Egypt have confirmed its first case of the coronavirus. The affected person  was reported to be a ‘foreigner’ who was showing mild symptoms.

A few weeks ago, Ivory Coast and Botswana reported its suspected case of the virus, but with this new development, Egypt is the first African country to have reported a confirmed case.

According to Al Jazeera, the virus was quickly detected, this was due to a mandatory follow-up program which was implemented by the government for all travelers who were arriving from affected countries.

On Friday, the Egyptian Health Ministry spokesman Khaled Mugahed revealed that the affected person has been hospitalized and is currently in isolation, although further details of nationality or point of entry were not divulged.

Since the virus broke out in China, it has reportedly killed almost 1,400 people with nearly 65,000 infected in various countries around the world.

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