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The room

Date Released: April 15, 2019

Duration: 100 minutes

Director: Christian Volckman

Writer: Christian Volckman, Sabrina B. Karine, Eric Forestier

Starring: Kevin Janssens, Ogla Kurylenko John Flanders, Joshua Wilson, and Carole Weyers.


The narrative beings as Matt and Kate, a young couple, move into their new house in Westminster AD. It is an expansive and secluded house which appears to be in dire need of repair. As they make the renovations they discover a steel door leading to a seemingly empty room. Due to electrical shortages, they call a repairman who discovers the wiring to be large and tangled and one that runs on floorboards and walls. The electrician sighs, that he cannot believe that the house found a buyer especially because the previous owners had been murdered at the house.

This leaves Matt worried, he goes to research on the killings that took place in the house.

 He drinks and stumbles into the room, the secret room that will later be discovered to be magical. In his drunken stupor, he asks the room for more alcohol, which to his surprise, he receives. The next day Kate comes into the room and finds paintings and other expensive things around Matt. He asks her to wish for money, which she does and it appears. The couple quit their jobs and spend the next several days partying in the room, toying with the possibility of living in endless riches. After a while, it gets boring and depressing and they start thinking about the lack of value in the things in the room.

Kate who had previously experienced four miscarriages and was struggling to get a child wishes for one. She gets a baby boy, much to Matt’s shock. Matt later goes to visit the person who had murdered the previous couple on site, John Doe but the answers he gathers are inconclusive. During the visit, Matt he realizes that the money he had in his pocket leaving the house had turned to ash.

It dawns on him that when things wished for inside the house are exposed to the outside world, they age rapidly and turn into ash. So when Kate goes out with their toddler son for a few moments, he ages into a boy. The next few months pass as Matt is busy trying to figure out how to get out of this maze of life and still benefit from it, he goes into a state of depression,  ignoring the boy because he is suspicious of him. Kate concentrates on mothering the child so much to prevent him from ever stepping out. She is forced to lie to and convince the child that he is unwell and his sickness could escalate with exposure to the outside world.

 Later, John Doe reveals to them that the only way he can go outside is if Kate dies. The couple regrets their decision and in the process, make love, to remind themselves of the easier days, unknown to them, Shane spies on them during the session.  The next day Shane comes into the house a fully grown man after going out. He starts assaulting the couple and manages to lock out his father and sexually abuses his mother. Kate convinces him to go out and they watch as he turns old and later into ash. The movie closes with a positive pregnancy test for Kate and she is shocked as she does not know if it is for Matt or Shane.

The story is about four African American veterans of the Vietnam war which Vietnam won. The film stars, Delroy Lindo as Paul, Norm Lewis as Eddie and Isaiah Whitlock Jr. as Melvin, Clarke Peters as Otis and their squad leader Norman whose role is played by Chadwick Boseman. Together, they dubbed themselves the “Bloods.” The squad, however, loses the leader after Norman is killed in Vietnamese counter-attack.


The movie is a thriller and it achieves the desired effects that it set out to make. However, somehow falls too much on the stereotypical horror narrative. A couple buys an old dilapidated house which needs repairs only to later find out that a heinous murder had taken place in the premises or that the house was haunted. However, the narrative took a slight deviation from the standard paranormal activities. The themes and lighting are very supportive of the plot and make the narrative more believable. Overall, the movie was well-received even by critics.


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