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She Is – Good to watch

She Is – Good to watch

By - Ayomi OBANUBI Jr

Posted - 16-05-2019

DIRECTOR : Chris Eneng Enaji

PRODUCERS : Omawumi Megbele, Waje Iruobe

DURATION : 96 mins

STARRING : Somkele Idhalama, Omawumi Megbele, Waje Iruobe, Desmond Elliot, Frank Donga, Chiwetalu Agu, Segun Arinze, Linda Ejiofor, Bishop Ime

SYNOPSIS : “She is” brings an old age tale of a woman reaching her 40s trying to find love and vhildren through what society and religion deems as the right way.


“She is” is a movie that mirrors our society’s view about the average successful career woman whose who is yet to get married despite her riches. The movie was co-produced by best friends; Waje and Omawumi as both made their debut as movie producers. Somkele Idhalama plays the role of Frances who is a single 40-year old successful real estate agent. Frances; a devoted Christian faced pressure from family, friends and society to settle down and during the course of this event, she found out she had a chronic fibroid disease which would mean losing her womb in twelve months.

Frances was running out of her biological time, so she began her manhunt with no intention of compromising her religious beliefs. After failed trials with Roland – a serial fuck boy, a pastor and even her dad’s arranged husband, Frances found her Prince Charming in the weirdest way you could ever imagine.

“She is” is a movie that preaches patience and advises people to abstain from putting unnecessary marriage pressure on anyone, especially females. The movie features a host of stars such as the ever-funny Frank Donga, Chiwetalu Agu, Desmond Elliot, Segun Arinze and many more.

Omawumi and Waje’s production debut was really good and it’s a joy to see more people from the Nigerian music industry dabble into the movie industry. The most fascinating thing about the movie was the choice of songs used in almost every scene. My Shazam app was active throughout as I got to add more beautiful songs to my playlist.

However, a major flaw in the movie was its ending. Whatever happened there seemed too fast and I couldn’t comprehend. Despite the movie been captivating for most part of it, the ending almost undid all the good work.

All in all, she is is worth watching and the immense improvement in the production of Nigerian movies needs to be applauded.


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