Project Power Reviewed

Date Released: 14th August 2020

Duration: 114 minutes

Producer: Eric Newman and Bryan Unkelles

Writer: Mattson Tomlin

Director: Henry Joost and Aerial Schulman


Starring Jamie Foxx, Joseph Gordon-Levitt and Fishback Dominique, the movie is a 2020 superhero movie based on the development and distribution of a pill that gives its users superpowers for five minutes by tapping into their inner animal. 

The movie begins with a teenage girl, Robin, getting robbed of her stash only to be rescued by a police officer who uses the pills. ‘The Major’, or Art, goes to the abode of Newt, the cousin of Robbin, in search of the source of the pills, Newt overdoses on the pills and ends up dying during his interrogation session with Art.

HOLLYWOOD, CA - NOVEMBER 20:  Actor Jamie Foxx attends the premiere of  New Line Cinema's
Starring Jamie Foxx

Art then arranges for a meeting with Robin using Newt’s phone and abducts her. He questions her and they eventually run into some trouble where Art is shot. Art offers Robin money to help him out and she stitches him up in a veterinary premise. Recovered, they go further in search of the source of the pills. Art tells Robin that he is in search for his daughter who has been abducted by the team that is distributing the pills, they nearly have an accident when Art has a flashback.

Art and Robin go to a private exhibition of the drug and when things go south, the police officer, Frank arrests art. In transit, Art convinces Frank about the dangers of the arrest he has made and they can steer clear from trouble. Art ensured that he was captured individually and placed on the Telios so that he could better find his daughter. Robin and Frank go to rescue him. Through their collaboration, they can navigate the systems of the ship. Art succeeds at convincing a guard to set him loose and when this happens. He fights with another guard who he kills with a shotgun.

Robin, while fleeing, comes across Art’s daughter, Tracy. They run together and join the rest. Unfortunately, Robin is captured and used as leverage by Dr Gardner to get Tracy. It was from Tracy’s samples that the pill was produced, hence the reason for her capture. To save them, Art steps out and takes his pill that he had been saving. Sending sonic waves he takes out Dr Gardner and her entire team and ends up dying. However, Tracy’s power to restore life maker her resurrect him. The trio is shown meeting up in a garage where Art takes off with his daughter and Frank and Robin are left in a discussion.


The movie was received with can divided opinion. Critics argue that despite the acting being perfect from Jamie Fox and his co-stars, the plotline needed some work in making some scenes appear more real. The pill giving Newt superpower that makes him burn yet he is still walking and fighting was extreme and elicits criticism in terms of too much fiction. The story is however captivating as the views are kept waiting for the release on Tracy up to the end of the movie. The fight between the rival groups at the end of the movie is well executed and the little surprise where Tracy has the power to give life back to his dad makes one forget the rather non-captivating scenes earlier in the movie.


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