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Fix Us

Fix Us

By - Uduak Andrew-Bassey

Posted - 11-02-2020
Date Released:  Time Duration: 1 hrs 45 mins Director:  Pascal Amanfo Genre: Drama, Romance, Ghallywood Language: English Actors: Alexandra Amon, Belinda Dzatta, Jessica Williams, Michelle Attoh, Nigeria,s Mofe Duncan, Prince David Osei, Tobi Bakre, Yvonne Nelson, Yvonne Okoro Synopsis: Fix Us tells the story of three young ladies who take on a journey of faith and fate. When Naadie (Yvonne Nelson), Chioma (Yvonne Okoro) and Jaya (Alexandra Amon) run into each other at an audition, they are bound by their common dream to be movie stars and form a friendship that can hardly be broken. But when their dreams are eventually actualized, they soon realize that they want even something more from life. Something more than money cannot buy. Something more than fame cannot give. Something more that they must find for themselves. fix us Review: The movie to some extent highlights what goes on behind the scene, in the lives of some actors and actresses. Naadie (Yvonne Nelson) a beautiful young actress, is an addicted weed smoker that also has difficulty finding true love (same as the other three sisters). She eventually found a young boy that is obsessed with her, she begins a secret relationship with him only to find out that he is a psychopath! What will she do? On the other hand, Chioma (Yvonne Okoro) falls in love with a married man, who lies to her that he loves her dearly and promises her a together forever. She secretly begins to have an affair with him hoping that he will divorce his wife. Despite the fact that he is no longer emotionally attached to his wife, his home remains paramount to him and he will not leave his wife for the beautiful actress. Lastly, Jaya (Alexandra Amon) is in love with a young man that has issues with the NDLEA. Not until he is put to test, he proclaims an undying love for her. Is he truly in love with her? Amidst all the dirty lifestyles lived by these celebrities which could tarnish their reputation publicly and bring their career to an abrupt end is the fixer (Michelle Attoh) who always finds a way to hide all their dirty linings from the public. Overall, the movie has a great storyline with a rather poor delivery; making the movie boring. It is not a crowd-pulling movie for the cinema. It is better off as a regular home video.
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