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5 reasons why you should consider having regular health checks

A few generations ago people only visited their doctors when they were either seriously ill or dying.  And even today the mention of a visit to your doctor is often greeted with those weary worrying looks of concern and then the tentative accompanying question “I hope everything is okay?”. This should no longer be the case.

The visit to your doctor must be made regularly and your new focus needs to be  preventive care.

The goal of preventive care is to help people stay healthy. The idea is to catch any diseases in early stages before they become catastrophic. 

Importance of medical checks

Heath checks are designed to look for risk factors or early signs of diseases. The two most common being heart disease or cancer. A quarter of premature deaths are caused by cardiovascular disease (heart attacks and strokes) and an estimated 50-80% of them are preventable. Any checks that could help early detection must be taken advantage of.

Some of the reason why this is important are:

  1. Screening for diseases can help your doctor catch harmful items like heart disease, diabetes, cancer at their early stages. Studies have shown that Heart disease mortality rates decreases by 25% just through regular medical checks,  and general wellness education on how to prevent heart disease and any other emerging health issues
  2. Identifies Stress-Related Diseases – As we slowly start to reemerge from the Wuhan  China triggered global coronavirus pandemic, the anxiety and stress of the whole saga for many can spark off a variety of diseases in the human body that are brought on by stress. Increase in stress and anxiety have been found to be directly related to a number of different diseases that are both physical as well as psychological. These include high blood pressure, weight gain, mental disorders, Alzheimer’s, depression, asthma, and even gastrointestinal problems. Regular medical check-ups make sure that it is easier to diagnose and detect these problems before they turn too severe.
  3. Regular medical checkups keeps you abreast of your health conditions. Doctors can provide medically backed advise on how to maintain a healthy lifestyle and how to better maintain your health.
  4. One of the oldest adages goes prevention is better than cure and prevention is a lot cheaper too. egular health check-ups mitigate the risk of potential health ailments that can turn out to be dangerous and very expensive to cure.
  5. Have a blood test – Blood tests are done to eliminate the risk of diseases that can show up in your blood. These include:
    • Cholesterol,
    • Diabetes,
    • Cancer,
    • High blood pressure
    • Anaemia,

As well as coronary artery diseases. Blood tests also help doctors to properly evaluate the functioning of various body organs like liver, kidneys, heart and thyroid.

Lets take control of our health and for some additional reading you can check this.

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