6 Must Have Accessories For Every Modern Gentleman

Gentleman. Contemplating stepping into the jewelry arena but not sure whether or not you can pull off the pieces you fancy?

The term jewelry is most of the time associated with women’s glam, hence a lot of misconceptions on whether or not men should wear jewelry and how much they should don if they do. Well here’s an assurance: you absolutely should rock them.

It is important remember that jewelry is as essential as any other accessory in complementing a man’s style. And while working on getting the perfect daily look, here’s a rule to keep in mind: bedazzled is too much, nothing is…well, nothing (pronounced ‘too little’).

Another rule to wearing your jewelry right is to always match your metals. Always. Gold goes with gold, silver with silver.

Here are some pieces that we think you would effortlessly pull off, with a guide on how and when to wear them.


1. Smartwatches

Timepieces have to be the most worn in man’s accessory history. And smartwatches must be one of the best things to ever happen in this history. A combination of a stylish timepiece and multifunctional, wearable technology? It doesn’t get any better than that.

Smartwatches are a great way to stay relevant while elevating your sophistication. They are sleek and exude just the perfect amount of classy. Plus, they go with pretty much every outfit and occasion you could think of, from the office to that exe’s wedding you wanna show off at. Oh, and they come with interchangeable bands so, again, they go with everything! Quite cool, right?

designer smart watches

Smartwatch technology has so much to offer it’s almost unbelievable. But then again that’s what technology is for, so very believable. You get to respond to your emails and messages, receive breaking news and weather alerts, use apps to read books, listen to music and even shop. Who doesn’t need that?

Revolutionary would be the perfect way to describe these timepieces.

Just a quick tip before you buy your smartwatch: Unless it doesn’t need compatibility with another device to function, device compatibility is crucial. Most smartwatches are designed to serve as companions to your smartphone so it is imperative that you confirm that the one you buy will work with your phone.


2. Earrings

If your environment has no restricting dress code, then earrings are always the perfect addition to complete that look.

The safest choice here is the studs. Small sized, neutral colors are best for daily wear.

If you’re going for brunch, out for the weekend or just dressing up for an event, throwing in drop/dangle earrings effortlessly makes you the coolest (and, duh, the best-looking) guy in the room.

Whether you opt to wear yours on one or both ears depends only on what makes your style feel complete.

Lewis Hamilton Earrings

3. Necklaces

The length of the necklace you wear should depend on how you plan on wearing it. Shorter lengths that go up to the collarbone are ideal if the plan is to have it subtly visible from under your t-shirt, shirt or suit.  Longer necklaces are for when you are wearing them over your shirt. These are great for casual environments, while the shorter ones work for both casual and formal environments.

Also remember to keep it simple: you can never go wrong thinner pieces. 


4. Bracelets

Only trick here is to avoid anything chunky, multicolored, oversized, or with pendants and charms. The goal is to complement your outfit, not overwhelm it. The more subtle, the better.

Neat metal and leather pieces work magic for literally every occasion.


5. Rings

Again, avoid a bedazzled look at all costs. How? Don’t go for very chunky rings, and don’t wear too many of them at once. You can choose to be wearing one to three minimalistic ones at a time.

Do not put one on your ring finger if you are not married, there’s nine other fingers that will still look as good with rings on them.

Symbolic rings are also a great way to go – as long as you understand what they mean to you.


5. Cufflinks

Designed to hold dress shirt cuffs into place, you can use cufflinks to express sophistication, class as well as your personality.

Cufflinks made from precious metals, for example, are a great way to look posh while still expressing your masculinity.

Regular styles that come in gold, silver or matte and in rectangular, pyramid, oval or circular shapes are ideal for a laid back daily look.

When in the mood to go over the top, you can go for defined shapes like goddess heads, skulls, badges etc.

One last rule to remember: Confidence! Get your perfect look, then own it. Nothing looks better on you than this.

old beautiful cufflinks

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