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BlackChich Cafe where Senegalese meets Berber infusion

Africa is home to an array of vibrant colours and tastes. There are plenty of aroma filled options of spices, herbs as well as vegetables and grains. The wide range of what is available is almost a guarantee that there will be something to please every taste bud. 

A variety of animals are reared for food production and that includes rabbits and duck. However, the most popular meat choices are beef, lamb and chicken. African cuisine has grown from strength to strength and chefs across the continent are constantly coming up with new and innovative ways to bring their heritage and way of preparing and eating food into the forefront.

Morocco can be found in the North of Africa and it’s the fourth largest city, Marrakech is where the BlackChich Cafe Restaurant is situated. The menu at BlackChich offers a variety of dishes with Senegalese and Berber infusions and the food is truly spectacular. The Berber people live in communities in Morocco, Algeria and Libya just to name a few countries where they can be found. Their food is based on the use of corn and the use of spices such as cinnamon and cardamon. These are common and very important in their cuisine. 

Traditionally, food is cooked in a mud oven, this creates a distinct flavour and warmth to their food. The Berber are known for their love of Couscous and Tajine. Senegalese food mostly incorporates the use of peanuts as well as stewed vegetables marinated in herbs and spices.

As you enter the BlackChich Cafe Restaurant you are greeted by an array of stunning artworks lining the colourful walls. The atmosphere is warm and the staff is friendly. The place has a youthful but calm vibe. 

The interior of BlackChich is interesting, there are Moroccan wood panel feature walls as well as wood lattice screens placed cleverly around the restaurant. The restaurant has large windows that let light in as well as views of the city. The furniture is intentionally mismatched and allows for seating for both small and larger groups. Sitting out on the terrace is also an option, the look and feel of the interior is brought out onto the terrace by using the same colour floor tiles.

On the menu:

An Avocado and Mango Tartar salad with tomato and cocktail sauce or grilled aubergine with cheese are delicious options to get started.

Giving you a taste of Senegal are Mafe Yappou Nague, a tender beef dish that is cooked in peanut sauce and is served on a bed of rice and vegetables. Yassar Gunar is a spicy chicken dish cooked in lemon and onion sauce and is served with rice and a side of vegetables. Tfaya Couscous is a barley couscous with vegetables and caramelized onions.


From Berber the menu offers Seffa which is chicken with orange blossom and cinnamon served with angle hair pasta and sweet almonds or Rfissa which is slow cooked chicken and lentils in a rich butter sauce served with steamed crepes.

For dessert one can opt for a platter of Moroccan pastries that are served with mint tea or a Cinnamon Orange which includes orange slices topped with cinnamon and served with mint tea as well. Mint tea is very popular in Moroccan culture and can be served upto five times a day. Another delicious option to try is a chocolate brownie topped with orange zest. The food  is colourful, succulent and gives you plenty of “melt in your mouth” moments.

If you are in the mood to get snazzy order some cocktails. The cocktails at the BlackChich Cafe Restaurant are simply named. There is the Lebanese which is a mixture of lemon, orange and orange blossom. The Senegalese which is Bissap with Ginger or Mint or the Moroccan which is combination of avocado and date mixed with milk or orange juice.

An interesting fact is that, yes alcohol can be served in Morocco. It however has to be purchased and consumed at licenced hotels, bars and tourist areas.

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