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August Alsina on Loving Right and Loving Jada Smith

August who?

August Alsina, the 27-year-old R&B musician from New Orleans has come out with claims of having had a years-long relationship with the Red Table Talk show host, Jada Pinkett.

He further claimed to have received the blessing of her husband Will Smith, concerning the relationship. “I sat down with Will and had a conversation based on the transformation of their marriage to life partnership…” said August in an interview with Angela Lee about his new album; The Product III; State of Emergency.

The Smiths have however come out to refute these claims. Through her spokesperson, Jada said that the claims were “absolutely untrue” while Will Smith’s representative echoed the message saying August’s claims were wrong.

August Alsina and Jada Pinkett

 According to Pinkett’s spokesperson, the two met back in 2015 through her son Jayden, and August later became a close friend of her family. August needed help with his music career. Pinketts says he wrote to him and asked for “guidance through life…” to which she responded positively and has since been guiding him with his music career. It is no wonder the two attended the 2017 BET award ceremony together.

However, according to Alsina, this was not just a cordial relationship. He claimed to have fallen in love with Pinkett so much that if he died at the time, he would be okay just knowing he loved right. In his words…” I devoted myself to her, I can die right now and know that I truly gave myself to somebody “. In a separate interview, he is quoted saying “walking away from the relationship broke me down.”

It is hard to watch him try to describe his relationship with Jada without sounding like he thought of her as more than just a friend. In yet another interview, August is seen fanning himself to cool when he is asked the million-dollar question ‘Who is Jada Smith to you?” He then struggles to answer the question by carefully selecting words that would describe the relationship in a way without appearing like he is in love with the 48-year-old actress. To which he eventually fails miserably.

It is unclear if there was ever more than just friendship between the two. Going by the current state of affairs, the two may however not enjoy a cordial relationship anymore. Jada was probably out helping a young man who sought comfort and guidance but then got too comfortable.

August’s story seems to have spun him into the limelight overnight. Before he did the interview in which he admits to having loved Jada, August was but another R&B musician known for a few songs, hanging out with Will Smith’s wife. But every dark cloud has a silver lining, and, in this case, publicity is Augusts.

Jada took to Twitter and stating that she needed to host herself on the Red Table Talk show, where healing needs to happen. Who needs to heal though? Jada? August? I will let you be the judge.

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