A retrospective what 2020 has taught us

Plans For The New Year – What 2020 Has Taught us.

It’s almost certain that almost everyone, outside of the Billionaire class, that is, at one time or another, have wished 2020 away.

The year was marred with losses, from the loss of lives, jobs, relationships, and life as we knew it. 

This year has defined to everyone who has lived through is a historical event that will always be referred to, as we now have events and occurrences that will be referred to as pre-covid and lifestyle changes that will be based on post –covid. 

At the end of the year, most people like to make a list of the things they plan to improve, enhance, and pick up in the new year. As was the norm, pre-covid – see what I did there? One would make goals based on a life of predictability, stability, and mostly based on material items. This year however has taught, us that life is simpler and easier and in essence, probably all we need is each other.

Below are the simple goals that you can work for in the new year for a better, simpler you. 

  1. Eat right – When the world was first faced with the Covid -19 pandemic crisis, a lot of emphasis was put on having a robust immunity system. Scientists advised on the benefits of incorporating fruits in one’s diet. Vitamin C, being a major source of antioxidants needed to help the body fight infections has been top of the list. Whether this pandemic passes, which we hope it does as soon as possible, or it persists, do not stop eating right. A healthy diet has proved to be like stoking up for rainy days, where we never know when the storm will strike. 
  2. Work out – Just like eating right, a fitness plan is a solid health plan that helps you stay strong for any eventualities. Life has proved that it can shake us up and those not strong enough can fall off the face of the earth. You do not want to be that person, work out, stay fit as we hope for a better year ahead. 
  3. Financial health – Who knew there would come a virus that will affect not only the physical but also the financial health of people? This pandemic saw people undergo job losses and pay cuts. Proper financial health means that one has enough money for emergencies. This fund should be is equivalent to a six-month salary. In case of loss of income, one can survive on this fund for half a year without really having to go into dept as you hopefully successfully work on finding an alternative source of income.  A healthy financial plan is a like s business continuity plan, it is a necessary risk mitigation plan. 
  4. Live in the present – Busy schedules, multiple phone calls, trails of emails, and disruptive phone notifications are all agents of making one miss the present. But this year has taught us that life is more precious and the tragedy of life is that we are living in borrowed time. Hence, take time to enjoy moments with loved ones, be it your spouse, parents, children, or friends. Put away that phone and check the emails later, because today you may have this person with you and the next moment, they are gone. Hug tightly, kiss deeply, laugh out loud, and walk while holding hands, even if you have to sanitize right after that, Live today because today is all we are sure of. 
  5. Enjoy the simple things in life – If someone ever told you that a day will come and you will be locked in your house with no access to the outside world yet you are not in prison, you would have never taken them seriously. But we have experienced it, the lockdowns, the working from home, and we realized we are social beings, we craved the outdoors So, walk barefoot in the beach and enjoy the sunset, wake up early to catch the sunrise, watch the stars, dance in the rain. These things are free and effortless, do not take them for granted in this new year!
Kellen Njuguna
Kellen is a Public Relations and Communications graduate. A diverse writer with special interest in people, social relationships and healthy living. A happy soul, a wine lover and a free spirit
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