5 Simple Foods to help nourish your natural Hair

Hair grows by an average of 0.2 to 0.7 centimeters per month; a total of about 6 centimeters a year according to the Trichological Society of hair sciences.

Various factors determine how fast hair grows and how strong it is at each stage. These are; age, health, genes and diet. Even though you may not have control over most of these aspects, at least you can choose a healthy diet for that mane.

What defines healthy hair? Simple, it is luscious and does not easily break. Brittle and fragile hair is less attractive and hard to manage. With Covid-19 bringing about movement restrictions, life is quite different from what we previously knew it. Consequently, salon visits have also had to reduce to when necessary.

Most people are now opting to do their hair at home, developing new skills on hair management. While this is good, a healthy diet will go a long way in keeping your hair looking great albeit minimal professional styling and setting.

Here are 5 simple and locally available foods that you can eat to nourish your hair:

1. Eggs

A prime source of protein for the body, eggs are essential for the production of keratin, a fibrous structural protein that forms hair strands making hair smoother and straighter in appearance.

Vitamin B7, commonly known as the beauty vitamin is a soluble B complex vitamin found in the egg yolk. B7 is responsible for strengthening hair by preventing thinning and split ends.

boiled eggs

2. Berries

Rich in vitamin C, berries in literally any form should be part of every persons diet in pursuit of strong healthy hair. Vitamin C is essential for the production of collagen in the body. Collagen aids in strengthening the hair fiber making it less brittle.

Berries also provide the body with antioxidants that protect the hair follicles from harmful molecules known as free radicals that could otherwise damage body cells including hair follicles, causing hair to fall off.


3. Spinach

Green leafy vegetables and particularly, spinach is a good source of iron. Which is essential for maintaining steady blood supply to the scalp. Spinach is easily available, making it an unbeatable go-to vegetable for iron supply.

Spinach also provides the body with folate, another of the B-vitamins group which aids in the formation of red blood cells, for the supply of sufficient oxygen to the scalp.


4. Avocado

Undeniably one of the most popular fruits, avocado is rich in amino acids, folic acid and vitamin E. Vitamin E repairs the skin and the scalp hence enhancing its appearance by reducing flaking and itching that may cause discomfort. The interesting thing about avocado is that you can apply it directly on the hair for better results. Avocado is a natural home hair treatment remedy, best for natural hair. It leaves hair shiny and smooth at an instance. Guacamole anyone?


5. Nuts

Rich in Biotin, nuts provide the body with unsaturated fats that nourish the scalp with natural oils. This prevents the scalp from drying. Biotin also stimulates hair growth and aids in thickening of hair, adding volume.  Want healthy hair? Then you should go nuts about almonds, cashew nuts, and peanuts!


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