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The Nigeria Symposium for Young and Emerging Leaders, 2019

The Nigeria Symposium for Young and Emerging Leaders, 2019

By - Paulette Meso

Posted - 23-06-2019

Pathways to Nigeria’s future: Our Reality

SYMPOSIUM OBJECTIVE: To lead a new conversation on government performance and citizens’ social reality

We cannot overemphasize the subject of youth inclusiveness in all spheres of the political economy. The extant emphasis on the need for them to be involved in politics is also to encourage their participation in the policy-making process. Yet even now, there is a need for a new conversation or dialogue on the roles young people would be playing in this new dispensation.

How can young people harness global opportunities that will engender development for the country as a whole? This dialogue would entail a new direction tailored to local relevance and global competitiveness, especially for young and emerging leaders.

It is for this reason that The Future Project will host its fifth edition day symposium to further complement the media advocacy on YMonitor which is directed at active citizenship and responsible governance.


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