Zimbabwe’s Wine Story

“Let us drink wine to remember what kind of mystical beauties life offers us and to comprehend what sort of magic potions existence has!” – Mehmet Murat ildan

Travel is the story we all know of. Each set of eyes and mind perceives in a way it desires. The only way to look through the looking glass of travel is through experience.

Nestled in the Nyamasanga River Valley lies, Bushman Rock Estate (BRE), a majestic gem, about 30 or so minutes east of Harare’s bustling city life, waiting to charm the wine and outdoors traveller. Before thoughts of the city have even left you, your mind will involuntarily be transformed to vineyards, lush outdoor beauty and, of course, wine. It is the only wine estate in Zimbabwe, a country in the South of Africa’s continent, with a wine history that dates back to the 1950s and, which saw its wine production peak, rising in the late 1990s.

Heartfelt thanks to Jono and his remarkable team, I was hosted for an afternoon of a BRE experience that downright leaves me in awe, each and every time I visit this boutique estate. An expanse of breathtaking views soaks up the eye as you arrive, with parcels of vineyards, hills, animals and a dam exhibiting serenity. A total of grape varieties are grown, seven white and five red, among them some noble varieties which include, Viognier, Sauvignon Blanc, Sémillon, Chardonnay, Syrah, Merlot, Cabernet Franc and Cabernet Sauvignon. Wines are created as blends, save for the Muscat d’Alexandrie, which is made in a single variety and bottled as Moscato.

Through the wine glass

Dry White 2019

Nothing spells summer like heat and a chilled white wine, so you can imagine the surprise of starting off with this dry white blend of Chardonnay and Viognier cleanly and lightly, dazzling the palate with a simplicity that can take your sipping into the splendour of summer sunsets.

Two glass of white wine and bottle near a fireplace

Rosé 2019

This nostalgic sip of years gone by brought renewed impression, as the first vintage was originated, when I was there. It brought the graceful memory of a delightful salmon colour, packed with cranberries, enough to draw your delicate tasting senses, offering the wine lover a light and refreshingly fruity sip.

wine glass with rosé wine


Classified as the estate’s flagship, it is by far the most bottled of all wines produced here. I was especially treated to a tasting of three different Moscatos, which the wine maker was skillfully meddling with. From a dry, off dry and semi sweet, the difference was as a result of the residual sugar in each one, culminating in the different levels of sweetness. The higher the residual sugar, the sweeter the wine tasted. The wine lover in me must confess the off dry was the day’s winner for me.

Moscato Bushman Rock Estate

Stellagallen 2018

Being the only red wine in the line up and the wine lover in me being a lover of all things red, this light-bodied, effortless sipping dry red, inspired by Bordeaux Blend varieties of Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Cabernet Franc, sealed the taste experience for me.

And to top it all up, and a finale to the tasting, the teetotalers are not left out at this winery, with a 100% grape juice created to add to their ‘innocent’ palate’s paradise.

Glass of red wine and vineyards

More than just wine

This sensational experience promises more than just wine. With Covid-19 regulations being well observed, I was treated to an exceptional and generously served outdoor picnic that is available to day trippers and over night stay, of unforgettable delectable bites and a bottle of wine and grape juice from the BRE collection. I cheerily requested for the dry white, well chilled. A selection of accommodation and activities is a choice waiting for you to behold and find your personalized comfort.

More than just wine Bushman Rock Estate

I was particularly impressed with the river tents that stand almost new, at about one year old, which will give you a glamour filled glamping experience, if you like living life in between the lines. Depending on the time of year, make your booking for various events that are held to give you an up close and personal relationship with the estate at different times of the year, from polo, an international event (held annually before Covid-19) to grape harvesting funfair.

Create your own adventure with Zimbabwe’s wine story. Whether it is for the novelty or purely immersing yourself into something new, the choice is yours to make. If you live for story creation, then let Bushman Rock Estate take you on its journey. Remember, it is purely about your travel and your impression. Until the next wine experience, it is cheers from wine filled experiences.

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