5 Reasons why Should visit Lesotho The Kingdom in the Sky

In our monthly country profiles we will be looking at different countries in Africa and giving you an insight on each of them.

The first country we will be highlighting is Lesotho and its capital city, Maseru.

Lesotho is in Southern Africa, it has a population of about 2 million people. The people are called Basotho, and they speak Sesotho and English.

Their traditional clothes consist of Seanamarena (blanket), Seshoeshoe (traditional fabric) and the infamous Basotho hat.

There are any number of reasons to visit Lesotho, it is an outdoorers  paradise. Luscious un-spoilt and untamed open and green spaces, warm and inviting people and the list goes on!

But here are our 5 reasons why we think you should visit this beautiful country of Lesotho.


There are a couple of guided hiking trails, if you enjoy exploring landscapes by foot and taking in the divine views. You have an option of visiting Semonkong Lodge, where they organise overnight treks to the surrounding villages. You can cut through the trails using special Basotho pack horses, which will carry your baggage. There are also day hikes which range from 3 to 6 hours. Lesotho is a hikers dream, if you don’t want a guided trail, you can simply gain freedom of access by hiking anywhere. You will equally experience the beauty of Lesotho with a good map, gear and by following certain precautions, such as being respectful and friendly to the shepherds or people in the villages you encounter.

Horseback riding and pony trekking

The best treks to choose include Likatola Horse Riding and Adventure as well as Semonkong Lodge. Likatola horse riding and adventure services offer access to the best treks.

Horseback riding into the mountains can be arranged by the local tour guides. You can take your camping gear and travel on horseback for up to four days; stopping and setting up camp in between.

Lesotho In Pictures

Aerial view to Thaba Bosiu Cultural Village, Maseru, Lesotho

Afriski skiing

Open spaces & scenic views of the Semonkong mountains

Mist rising above the Katse dam wall in Lesotho

Malealea Lodge Lesotho

Horse riding and Trekking Lesotho

Local Cuisine

There are a few places where you can get takeaways and western culture food, especially in the capital, Maseru.

However, if you want to experience Lesotho in all its glory, it’s advisable to try the local food. The tripe, Moroho (spinach), pap (maize meal), beef stew and more.

You can find the local delicacies in the small eateries that cater to locals. You can truly immerse yourself in the culture here. You can also try the local brews, such as Khemere (Ginger Beer) and local craft beer called Maluti.

If you’re looking for a more fine dining experience, you can have some great cuisine at Mpilo Boutique Hotel, Avani Lesotho Hotel and some other lovely guest houses such as The Clan. Maseru Mall is also a good choice for a wider range of restaurants


The winters in Lesotho offer a beautiful picturesque landscape of mountains and has the highest average altitude of any country in Africa. The villages are covered in snow and this means an opportunity to ski. The popular ski resort, Afriski is located 3050m above sea level offering top notch accommodation and guided skiing lessons if you’re a newbie.

Skiing and snowboarding at Afriski are restricted to the months of June to August and guests. You can have the same experience of dining in a restaurant at Afriski but sitting at the highest altitude in Africa.

Fun nights and days out

The capital Maseru is the place to be for a fun night out with bars and lounges such Ba One, Kingdom Lounge and more.

There is also the popular  Ouh La La social club and restaurant where local bands can be found playing every week.

Thaba Bosiu cultural Village is located 24km out of the capital and offers a museum and an amphitheater where local actors reenact and show an insight into the heritage of the Basotho nation. Here you can also enjoy evenings around a campfire with your friends or family.

You can drive out to the popular Katse Dam. It is Africa’s second largest double-curvature arch dam and is part of the Lesotho Highlands Water Project. It has become a tourist attraction because of the beauty of the overflowing waters and views. There’s a lodge nearby where guests can stay and relish in the stunning monument.

4×4 enthusiasts can also wild out on the back routes and can also enjoy the annual event called Roof of Africa. It is an exciting off road  motorcycle rally; people from all walks of life attend this event diligently.

Lesotho also known as the kingdom in the sky, has so much more to offer but this is it in a nutshell.

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